“After meeting this young man I was impressed by his real desire to be relevant and his genuine yearning to leave meaningful footprints in the sand, this book is just that: a young man passing on relevant knowledge and experiences to help others better their position in life. Way to go young soldier, UNK is proud.” 

—— Steve Harvey

“Charlamagne thinks that just because he's wise about race stuff he can say whatever the f*ck he wants about women. That's now how it works dude. Nice try. And stop asking questions about my butt.” 

—— Lena Dunham

“South Carolina has produced some really beautiful, talented, smart, upstanding citizens…..and Charlamagne!” 

—— Stephen Colbert

“Charlamagne is a great friend.....after you threaten to punch him in the face a few times.” 

—— La La Anthony

“Charlamagne is a f*cking asshole, but he's my favorite one." 

—— Issa Rae